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May 07, 2022


April 20, 2022


Yash - The Pan-India Superstar whose vision took KGF franchise to new global heights!

After the mammoth opening and successful blitzkrieg of KGF: Chapter 2 at the box office, Yash's popularity across the whole nation has increased manifold making him the No 1 Pan India Bankable Star.

While for everyone he is the public face of the film, very few people know that it was his personal and deep rooted vision that got the franchise the stardom it has reached today, and if it wasn't for him the story would almost have never made it to the big screen!

Director Prashant Neel mentioned that KGF’s 8 year-long journey gave them the confidence which helped them take the film to another level. The filmmaker also added, “When we started we never thought that we would be where we are today." Crediting Yash, Neel extended his gratitude and said, “The only person that had this vision was Yash. We started this as a small Kannada project and today the film is really big and the expectations are very high."

He also credits Yash for making a singular big Kannada origins movie, into two parts and taking it to the world. We are also aware that Yash also penned his own dialogues since he believed in Rocky and could see through him.

Vishal Ramchandani, Business Head and Producer at Excel Entertainment, Mumbai, still remembers the time distributor Anil Thadani brought the makers of KGF: Chapter 1, and Yash, to their office in 2018 with a four-minute showreel of the film. “It was in Kannada, and though we did not know the language, it drew us in. Prashanth had created a fantastic world that blew us away. Later, Yash came down with a four-hour cut of the film, and literally translated every line for us. That was the kind of passion the filmmakers had, and we knew we would love to be associated with such a film,” recalls Vishal.

Well, as beloved as our Monster aka Rocky Bhai on the screen is, we surely know that he's more than just an actor but a visionary and hard worker who indeed became a Pan India star!


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