Travel Flyer Design

 Travel Flyer Design Summer Trip || In Photoshop Tutorial Flyers Design idea

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In this new Photoshop Tutorial. You'll learn how to design a summer Trip flyer in Photoshop using the CMYK color system. at the end of this tutorial, you'll get ready for printing flyer. Thanks for watching Don't forget to Like the video and Subscribe.
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Create a new Documents
Documents Size is 6"x 8 "Inches > Color CMYK Resolution 300
Change BG Color then Press CTRL + Delete
Open Sun Image
Select Elliptical Marquee Tool (M)
Press CTRL + ALT then Drag
Select Move Tool (V) then Drag
Convert to Smart Object
Press hold Ctrl+Alt then drag
Place this image is center
You can check also Ruler Tool Press Ctrl+R for open Ruler margin
Go to Blending Options
Select Outer Glow
Check this Settings
Open Car Image Ctrl + O
CTRL+T For Resize Drag for replace
Create a New Layer for Shadow Effect
Select Brush Tool (B) foreground color Black
CTRL+T For Free Transform 
Create a new layer
CTRL+T For Free Transform 
Press hold Ctrl then Drag for Custom Size
Apply Same Process
Create a new layer adjustment Hue/Saturation
Create Clipping Mask
Change Hue/Saturation Level & Adjust Color as you need
Open Tree Image
CTRL+T For Free Transform 
Press Ctrl+J for Duplicate layer
Flip Horizontal
Press Ctrl+T for Rotate & Resize
Open Baggage Image
Add Layer Mask
Select Brush Tool > Active Layer Mask Make Sure Forground Color Black
Add Shadow Effects
Select Both Text Layer
Press Ctrl+T for Rotate & Resize
Go to Blending Options then Select Drop Shadow
I Fast Forward My Video for Same Process Applied Next Step
Color Cruction & Adjust