5G 3D Text

Font Ethnocentric Click 👉 : DOWNLOAD

Difficulty: beginner
Completion time: 3-5 min

 Create a document of 3000 x 3000 px in RGB color mode (File > New…) or a similar file size.

⭐ 2 Grab the Horizontal Type Tool (T), draw a type box with the about the same width as the canvas. Type in your desired text and hit the “OK” button in the top side.

⭐ 3 Duplicate this layer (CTRL+J). Select the original layer, make the text another color, go to the Layers palette and right-click near the layer thumb. Select “Rasterize Type”.

⭐ 4 ➤ Hit CTRL+T to enter Free Transform Mode, click the chain between the percentile values and change the value to “99.5%”. Hit Enter.

⭐ 5 Duplicate this layer (CTRL+J). Select its original and repeat (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T).

⭐ 6 Repeat this step until you get a decent “extrusion” height.

⭐ 7 Select all layers except the top-most one and “background” and hit CTRL+E to merge them. Click the “fx” in the Layers palette and select “Blending Options”. Use the settings below.

⭐ 8 Select the top-most layer and add a similar blending setting, like below.
Done! 3D Text Without The Use Of Special Tools.

⭐ 9 Use Brush Tool then create Flash light effect & Shadow effect,

You can explore different extrusion paths if you change the reference point for the Free Transform mode.


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